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The Fleming Collection

The Fleming Collection is the elegantly curated collection of The Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation. This website puts this collection online, and gives the Fleming Collection team a forum on which to discuss their work and mission. They are able to display the creativity of their collection in their exhibitions, events and publishing strategy; and their desire and ability to showcase Scottish art and artists outside Scotland.

  • The website for the collection of the Fleming Wyfold Art Foundation is image led, bringing to the fore the imagery of the carefully curated collection of Scottish art. Themes of content are highlighted on the homepage, to encourage immediate browsing of the collection; as well as the most recent news from the Fleming Collection team.

  • On first landing on the collections landing page, the user is greeted with theme modules. These themes organise the artworks into access points to encourage user browsing. These also simultaneously provide the Fleming Collection team with the opportunity to speak about their collection and its history.

  • Upon landing on the page to search the collection, the user is greeted by highlights from the collection, curated by the Fleming Collection team. The user is able to search the collection through a selection of key fields, and refine their search at any point in their journey.

  • The single theme includes a featured image along with the detailed information about the theme (be it an artist, collection of works or artistic movement); and the curated collection works are at the bottom of the page.

    FColl_4_Collection_Single theme
  • A single artwork page includes details about the work, as well as the artist and other works from the same artist. Onwards navigation is consistently brought to the fore, with the user able to conduct a search by subject; and also see the other artworks by the same artist.

    FColl_5_Collection_Single record
  • The Fleming Collection works on spreading the word of their collection through partnerships and loans with artistic institutions throughout the world. This page gives them an opportunity to share their events and exhibitions with their audience.

    FColl_6_Collection_Events & Exhibitions
  • The Fleming Collection publishes a biannual magazine. This website expands upon the publication, including a blog for the Fleming Collection team to post in, as well as an opportunity to display their publications program.

    FColl_7_Collection_Scottish Art News