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British Art Studies

British Art Studies is an innovative platform for high-quality research and scholarship covering all subjects of British art, architecture and visual culture. It is an open access online journal reflecting the dynamic research of the Paul Mellon Centre and the Yale Centre for British Art. Keepthinking designed and built the website and its structure. Winner of the GLAMi People's Choice Award at Museums and the Web 2016

  • The British Art Studies design gives reference visually to the Paul Mellon Centre (which we also designed) to display a connection of their relationship, but has its own identity and visual character. This refined and minimal approach helped to emphasise on the content and draw attention to the visuals packaged in a beautiful and contemporary design.

  • The user is able to share discussions, issues and coversations on social media and can leave comments on articles. Downloads are available and clear in the navigational structure.

  • The discussions and conversations pages are designed to be completely versatile to accommodate the content displayed. The design includes multiple display styles for images, videos and audios, which the user has the option to choose from. This enables the templates to have a variety of visual treatments and adaptability allowing each discussion to form its own visual impact and character.

  • The user can easily browse and search through articles to learn about a subject. Connections between different contents is made through tags and the user can select hyperlinked names of authors to reveal more.

  • The open access conversations and discussions are able to be easily cited as a whole or in specific sections through the use of DOI's (digital object identifier), allowing a user to reference single paragraphs and media.


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