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Universal Leonardo

Keepthinking and UsTwo created Universal Leonardo, the most comprehensive online resource about Leonardo da Vinci. It features an interactive timeline, scientific analysis, narrative trails and lots of online games and activities. Nominated for Webby Award and published by Design Week as well as in the 2007 D&AD book. Used by more than fifteen thousand people every month.

The Universal Leonardo website on a desktop computer.
  • The home page focuses on the timeline, trails, news and other features. The timeline at the top offers quick access throughout the website to every work and life event on the site.

    Screen of the Universal Leonardo homepage.
  • Trails are a way to discover how themes and ideas unfolded in the work of Leonardo, throughout his life. Each trail looks at one angle, represented through works and contextual information.

    Screen of the Universal Leonardo themes listing page.
  • Each work in a trail tells a part of the story of an idea, or obsession.

    Screen of the Universal Leonardo theme page.
  • We have amazing resources available, including several scientific analysis of the Madonna of the Yarnwinder. We built a dedicated interface to allow exploring what's beneath the surface of the painting.

    Screen of the Universal Leonardo discover page showing image with ultraviolet analysis.
  • The educational component of the website was paramount. We designed and developed ten educational activities and games to bring complex content and ideas to younger audiences.

    Screen of the Universal Leonardo Make the Mona Lisa Smile interactive.
  • As a "omo sanza lettere" Leonardo wrote all of his texts from right to left, like in a mirror. We recreated the experience as a game.

    Screen of the Universal Leonardo mirror image interactive.
  • Another game: build a monster!

    Screen of the Universal Leonardo Make a monster interactive.