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House of Illustration

We consider ourselves lucky: we work with museums worldwide and help them manage, show and promote their amazing content online. In most cases, these are existing museums, with an existing collection - that needs better digital care. House of Illustration is different: it is a new museum about illustration, wanted by Quentin Blake, in London... this is pure digital luxury.

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  • At least initially, the House of Illustration won't have its own collection, but rely on events and exhibitions showcasing the work of the many world-famous illustrators trustees and friend. The What's On section was paramount to its success and the ability to sell tickets from the start crucial.

  • The House can create tickets, including limited availability ones for each event and exhibition in the programme. Tickets may also include Gift Aid donations and are processed using Paypal - with the same account that powers the shop sales - so all the eggs are in the same basket and easy to reconcile.

  • All sales are processed in Qi and executed using Paypal. Considering Qi processed in excess of £30k in tickets sales in the first month alone, we believe it all works really well.

  • Memberships and friends are another stream of user engagement and funding activity, also managed via Qi.

  • Each page or section is very visual and makes use of the vast array of illustrations available.

  • The website is completely responsive and optimised for different screen sizes.

  • The mobile interface is particularly engaging.