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HEIR – The Historic Environment Image Resource Project

HEIR is an important new resource for a wide range of studies, from tracking environmental and climate change to understanding human impact on the planet; from identifying endangered landscapes and endangered archaeology to reconstructing lost buildings and habitats. Keepthinking developed the crowdsourcing tagging website and the re-photographing app to support this project run by The Institute of Archaeology, part of Oxford University.

  • The homepage offers quick entry points to the different sections of the website, as well as presenting some data about the project: the overall progress, numbers of tags, taggers and active discussions.

  • The registration and login are fully integrated with Zooniverse.

  • Users can select a specific set of images, based on different locations, and start tagging!

  • We have designed 6 themed tagging categories, illustrated by the icon buttons on the left hand side of the tagging screen. Clicking on a tagging category, you will see a drop-down box of sub-groups to choose from.

  • Users are encouraged to add additional keywords. An icon will appear on the picture where the tag has been placed. It is possible to review, re-locate, or delete the keywords at any time before submission.

  • To support the tagging process it is possible to ask questions or submit additional information using the Discuss section.

  • To find out how the places, monuments, and surroundings have changed we have also developed a re-photography app.

    Heir app
  • Photos taken through the app can be seen on the discussion page of each slide on the website.

    Heir app