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Hangar Bicocca: space for contemporary art in Milan

Hangar Bicocca is a space for contemporary art in Milan, Italy. Their website was to be as cutting edge as the art in their exhibitions and research projects. With the help of the fantastic people at UsTwo studios, we have conceived a fully functional 3D space/timeline representing the large, dark space of the former factory building, which allows seamless navigation. Fully integrated Flash, Ajax, Web 2.0, combining elegance and usability. Although Hangar remains a fantastic space, Keepthinking have now terminated their collaboration with the institution. The current website is not our responsibility

The Hangar Bicocca website on a desktop computer.
  • Hangar Bicocca is a former air plane factory, completely black inside, with a permament exhibition of seven towers I sette palazzi celesti by Anselm Kiefer. It does not have a permanent collection - its role and history is defined by a series of exhibitions and events.

    View of the permament exhibition of seven towers I sette palazzi celesti by Anselm Kiefer in Hangar Bicocca gallery.
  • The website was conceived as an extension to the physical space, sharing its dark interior, with a timeline at the top which represented the passing of time, dotted with exhibitions and events.

    Screen of the Hangar Bicocca website homepage.
  • The timeline offered quick access to everything happening in the space: exhibitions, events, lectures etc. At the same time, a more conventional navigation offered a different navigation metaphor, letting visitors choose which one they preferred.

    Several screens showing the Hangar Bicocca timeline interaction.