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Qi goes mobile: meet Qute

Collection Management. On the move.

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It's small. It's mobile. It's Qute.

Keepthinking is proud to introduce Qute, a new native app for iOS (iPhone) and Android that lets you manage your collections on the move.

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You are not (always) at your desk

You already know Qi, the most amazing and simple to use, integrated information management system on the planet. Qi is written in HTML5 and works on smartphones and tablets. Right?

Yes, technically. But sometimes screen size might be an issue. While your tablet screen is perfectly adequate to visualise the complex set of information for an object, the same on your phone may be a little squeezed. We also think that you may not need to access the whole set of information and functions while on the move, when even taking your laptop could be tricky.

  • Screen of qute on mobile updating Qi, Update the database with Qute while not sitting at your desk

    Update the database with Qute while not sitting at your desk

Take Qute with you

To help you manage your collections on the move we built Qute, which is an app fully integrated with Qi (using its API, in fact).

Qute is task driven. Tasks that you choose. You decide what you want to do while on the move. For example:

  • Object movements - check in and check out: quickly scan objects in and out and even attach images documenting their conditions
  • Verification and auditing - check that an object is really where it is supposed to be
  • Condition checking - report on an object, including images and notes
  • Conservation activities - document each step of a conservation procedure, as it happens
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You may use Qute for everything you need to do while not sitting at your desk. Qute immediately synchronises with Qi, so new information and images are recorded in a snap.

Barcode scanners are a thing of the past!

This is a topic that often arises in collections management projects: can Qi support for barcode scanners?

Really? Barcode scanners? You mean those bulky, over engineered, mono-tasking devices, often wired to a computer, which need special software to run and integrate with anything and only read one type of barcode at a time? And don't even take pictures??

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We considered it. And quickly realised that in 2013 everyone has a smartphone and that (most importantly) smartphones do read barcodes. So thank you, but no thank you, Qi will not support barcode scanners

But Qute supports reading barcodes. And Qi writes them.

All of them.

The many flavours of barcodes

Qute reads many types of barcodes, including:

  • UPC E
  • UPC A
  • EAN 8
  • EAN 13
  • CODE 128
  • CODE 39
  • CODE 93
  • ITF
  • RSS14
  • PDF417

Qi supports the creation of barcodes, typically QR Codes - as they are the quickest and most reliable to scan.

Oh. Why not RFID instead of, or in addition to barcodes? Many say it's a dead technology, and barcodes are much simpler and economic to produce. But if anyone wants RFID, most newer smart phones support NFC - so just get in touch.

  • , Qute can read all types of barcodes , Image of barcode

    Qute can read all types of barcodes

No barcode?

Not all of your objects will have a barcode label printed and stuck to them to start with (or maybe they are too small for them), so if you need to check on an object that doesn't, just enter its accession number. Simple.

  • Accession number field in Qute, If you don't have a barcode you can just enter the accession number

    If you don't have a barcode you can just enter the accession number

Native apps

Qute is developed in HTML5 + Javascript and made into iOS and Android native apps using the industry standard, enterprise level PhoneGap framework. You will soon be able to download Qute from the App Store and from Google Play. Free of charge, of course.

That's awesome! When can I have it?

Qute will be released to the public in December 2014. Preview releases will be available soon for our existing customers.

See Qute in action!

Join us Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd July at the Open Culture in London for a live demo of Qute. You will find Keepthinking at booth 28.

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Coming soon - Qi Release 5.3

Even more exciting things are on the way! We are currently testing:

  • Object packages
  • A newly rewritten, integrated Digital Asset Management System

Qi 5.3 is scheduled to be released on July 19th, 2013.

Upgrading to Qi

If you are already running Qi, your version will be updated in the next few days. If you are running a previous version (4.0 or 4.5) please contact us regarding upgrading to Qi. If you are not yet using Qi, what are you waiting for?

Contact us

Keepthinking has two offices:
London (main office) is as usual at 43 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5RS - tel. +44 20 74905337
New York (US operations) is at 244 5th Avenue, New York NY 10001 - tel +1 212 372 7351

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  • More information

    Please visit http://www.keepthinking.it/qi for the full picture or get in touch to discuss your requirements and a demo.


    A big thank you to all of our customers for having chosen the best content, collection and information management system on the planet!

    The Keepthinking team

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