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Make more of your day!

Qi version 5.1

Qi version 5.1 (released today) adds a host of new functionalities to the most modern and flexible content, collection, information and digital asset management system on the planet. Version 5.1 represents a major leap forward from the previous version, (5.0.1) released in March 2012, integrating features requested by our customers, as well as new ideas that we are sure you'll enjoy.

  • The Mucha Foundation timeline seen on an ipad, The Mucha Foundation timeline on an ipad

    The Mucha Foundation timeline on an ipad

SPECTRUM partner

Let's start with an announcement. Keepthinking has become a SPECTRUM partner and will work with Collections Trust over the next few weeks to make sure Qi is certified SPECTRUM compliant for Collection Management. Qi already integrates all procedures and units of information included in the SPECTRUM standard version 4 - so the process will be simple and straightforward. We'll issue an announcement when this process is complete.

  • spectrum partner logo

The Dashboard

Now on to the new features (and there are a lot of them - so please be patient).
The Dashboard is now the first screen to greet users after log in, giving a complete view of everything that is going on with your content.

  • Screen of the dashboard in Qi, The dashboard

    The dashboard

Depending on user permissions, this is what is featured on the Dashboard:– Quick search across the whole content

  • View of all nodes and types of content, including number of approved and draft records in each
  • Graph of activity that has occurred in Qi over the last thirty days
  • Quick access to items to review, to recent changes and to your own draft records (so that you can keep working on them)
  • Quick links to create new content, completely configurable by you
  • If you have a limit on the amount of disk space or number of records you can manage, a view at a glance of where you currently stand
  • Quick access to user guides, training and help material

We believe we have included anything you may possibly need to put you in complete control and for a great start of your day.

The Shop

Sell products, tickets, memberships and subscriptions; collect donations and gifts; deal with GiftAid (in the UK) - all in a single, integrated shopping basket with a unified checkout process. Your customers may purchase different types of items from you, across your entire organisation - and pay for the entire lot in a single transaction (no other CMS allows you to do this).

  • Screen of the new shop interface in Qi, The new shop interface

    The new shop interface

Just in case this is not enough: each order can be automatically sub-divided into any number of sub-orders by type of product (or by groups of types), so different departments in your organisation can separately fulfil each part: what this means is that retail can ship the books and postcards, while development deals with donations.

Products, tickets and types of membership are types of content like any other, so they can be cross referenced from any part of your website (e.g. link a catalogue from an object in your collection and vice-versa). Multiple categories and themes can be linked to products, to allow multiple search and display options. Stock control is also available.

In the backend, you can search for orders by status, customer name or product information. You can also see who placed an order but failed to pay and deal with each case promptly and accurately.

Qi also seamlessly integrates with major (and minor) payment gateways, such as Paypal, Paypoint, Worldpay, 2Checkout, Google Checkout - and many others.

Types of field

We added more options to make it easier to create content and reduce mistakes. In addition to the many previous types of fields, we have now added:

  • Time picker
  • Combined date and time picker
  • Flexible date (year only, year and month, year month and day)
  • Colour picker
  • Currency
  • Yes/No option
  • Help (useful for lists and configurations, where each record may have a different explanation)

In addition, calculated fields now can have multiple (any) separators between fields - e.g. Surname, Name (birth - death).

Finally each field may have a label and a help text to provide extra details or examples of use.

  • Screen of the new colour picker and combined date and time picker, The new colour picker and combined date and time picker

    The new colour picker and combined date and time picker

Images, files and multimedia

While we are working away towards a fully fledged DAMs as part of Qi (to be released in Q4 2012), we made small but significant additions to the already great ways of displaying and searching media files, as well as linking them to content. They include:

  • Option to group media assets by folder (e.g. images for public display or internal use; documents related to Conservation, Insurance, etc.)
  • Display meta-file information in the media library/DAMs - file name, size and image dimensions
  • Integrated flow player to preview audio and video files, both in the media library as well as in content records
  • Screen of the media player in Qi, The media player in Qi

    The media player in Qi

API, Reports and Export

For the technically-minded out there, this is a major feature - although simply integrated and invisible to the naked eye. Qi now includes a full RESTful API, making all of your content easy to export, share and syndicate. Each record is represented in the API with all of its fields, as well as its dependencies and cross references. In practical terms, this means:

  • For controlled values, the API provides both the ID of the related record as well as the record itself
  • For relationships, the API includes the full related record
  • Any media linked is also fully included

This makes it extremely easy to create a full view of your content outside of Qi - which is crucial should you want to give your data to others (e.g. Collection Grid, Europeana or any other aggregator), or move away from Qi (but... why would you do that?). The API publishes data in JSON and XML formats.

  • Screen of the API interface, The API interface - the exiting part is what you can do with it

    The API interface - the exiting part is what you can do with it

In addition to the API, Qi now has standard reports for each type of content, allowing you to extract all information from Qi in XML and Excel. Large reports (especially PDFs) can now be produced in the background - without users having to wait. Finally, we added XML as an option for standard and custom reports - in addition to Excel and PDF.

Content indexing

Qi now includes an invisible table, the index. The index is automatically generated and updated with all the approved content, of any type and in any node. It includes two search fields: high and low priority. The low priority field contains all text from any field and dependents of each record, making searches incredibly quick by looking into a single, fully indexed place.

The high priority field is user-configurable to let you establish, for each type of content, what information  should score higher in searches - e.g. the title of an object and the maker for a work of art. By combining these fields with our powerful search libraries, you'll be able to sort search results not only by relevance, but also by weighted score, in which results matching your search terms in the high priority fields will be at the top of the results. The index table also stores the approved version of each record in a serialised format, to simplify exports.

Search patterns

Next to the index table, we created a search table - as the two work in conjunction with one another. Each time a visitor types a search query on your website, Qi analyses it, tokenises it (i.e. splits it into words, or tokens) and check if the same query has been executed before. It then creates a URL and SEO-friendly version of the query and stores the whole lot into the search table. The results? You can have the entire search query in your URL, in a SEO-friendly format (i.e. no question marks, numbers and strange characters) and you also know what people are searching for and how frequently. Talk about understanding your audiences!

In the backend, Qi also now allow you to search for ranges, for numeric fields: e.g. 1910- or 1940-2010.

Meta data

Adding to Qi's already high SEO-friendliness, based upon intelligible URLs for each type of content, we now have gone a step further. You now have the possibility of creating custom meta-title, meta-description and meta-keywords for each record and to automatically cascade meta data from detail to general. So if you specify meta data for an exhibition, Qi will include that in the HEAD of your page. Otherwise, it'll include the meta-data of your What's On section or, at the very least that of your institution. The power is yours.

  • Screen of the content metadata tab in Qi, Content metadata in Qi

    Content metadata in Qi

Content scheduling

You may now specify when content should be published and unpublished, down to the exact day, hour and minute. The display of records now includes information to identify content that has expired, is about to expire or is for future publication. You can safely plan ahead for weeks and relax while on holiday - Qi will make it look like you are at your desk every day.

  • Screen of the content scheduling tab in Qi, Content scheduling in Qi

    Content scheduling in Qi


This is complicated to explain, but extremely powerful. You already know that one of the most powerful features of Qi is the ability to create relationships (or cross references) between two content records. We have now extended this mechanism to allow multiple meanings within the same type of relationship. For instance, people (record type one) can be linked to objects (record type two) both as artists/makers (reference type one) as well as sitters/other (reference type two) - with different qualifying information in each case. Better to request a demo for this one!

Audit trail

The comprehensive audit trail now tracks not only who changed a record, but also who approved it or rejected it. No useless blaming.


Qi is now completely written in HTML5, up from XHTML, enhancing its being future proof even further.

  • html5 logo


We have saved the best for last: sit tight.

Qi now has a completely new configuration functionality.

For Nodes, it is now possible to create and rename nodes (sections) and select which types of content can exist in each one - which means the architecture of the repository can be extended indefinitely.

For Types of content it is now possible to access every configuration option, including creating new fields in the database. Allow us to repeat this, because it is amazing: you can create new fields for each type of content (as well as modify existing ones). As part of this you can:

  • Specify search and display fields
  • Assign fields to different tabs and control their display order and field type (e.g. you want a text area instead of normal text)
  • Create and edit field labels and related help text
  • Assign constraints to fields

The new configuration is fully integrated within Qi and makes the most flexible CMS on the planet even more flexible - by allowing you to configure it and extend it without any limit.

  • Screen of the field configuration form in Qi, Configuring a field in Qi

    Configuring a field in Qi

Museums Sites

In June, we also released our first product entirely based on Qi: Museums Sites. Museums Sites is an affordable, inclusive package for small and medium museums, which integrates collection and content management with set of beautifully designed, mobile-proof templates. See more at www.museumssites.com.

  • The new William Morris Gallery website seen on a computer screen and an ipad, The new William Morris Gallery website is part of Museums Sites

    The new William Morris Gallery website is part of Museums Sites

Bug fixes

The following bugs/errors have been fixed:

Bug #4318: Dates in links in context have no calendar
Bug #4905: Reject in review changes ignores images
Bug #5602: Permissions | No delete access for content doesn't allow to delete images either
Bug #6276: Filename changes when moving from one folder into another
Bug #6474: Media original filename
Bug #6564: PHP error with grouped records
Bug #6604: Cannot delete new draft record
Bug #6898: Relationships | Not activating 'Add +' button when there is only one relationship type to select
Bug #7000: Teams | Content not linked to nodes shows up as lists
Bug #7111: Duplicated a record, duplicates deleted media
Bug #7406: Media attached to lists should be automatically online
Bug #7473: Reverting a value to empty
Bug #7688: Reorder tool | Error if you click on the icons
Bug #8103: Review count to appear/disappear
Bug #8104: Global selectors not working in review
Bug #8152: Error on single record
Bug #8153: Error on single media
Bug #8169: Relationship | No feedback when adding one
Bug #8190: Add relationship errors

Coming soon

More exciting things are on the way! We are currently working on:

  • Qi to be SPECTRUM compliant
  • Integration with Zencoder to create multiple encoded versions of the same video
  • Media library to become a fully fledged, state of the art Digital Asset Management, completely integrated with the rest of the CMS
  • Enhance permissions to include control of individual fields
  • Enhanced search options to include draft status and non textual fields

... and much more

New customers on Qi

These are the new customers using Qi since March 2012

Upgrading to Qi

If you are already running Qi, your version will be updated in the next few days. If you are running a previous version (4.0 or 4.5) please contact us regarding upgrading to Qi. If you are not yet using Qi, what are you waiting for?

Contacting us

Keepthinking now has two offices:

London (main office) is as usual at 43 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5RS - tel. +44 20 74905337
New York (US operations) is at 40 East 19th Street, New York NY 10003 - tel. +1 212 533 1506

  • Map with keepthnking's addresses in London and New York

More information

Please visit http://keepthinking.it/qi for the full picture or get in touch to discuss your requirements and a demo.


A big thank you to all of our customers for having chosen the best content, collection and information management system on the planet!

The Keepthinking team.