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Exactly the way you want it!

Qi 5.2

Qi 5.2 (released today) adds new functionalities and bug fixes to the most modern and flexible content, collection, information and digital asset management system on the planet. Version 5.2 represents another major step forward from the previous version (5.1) released in October 2012, and integrates features requested by our customers, as well as new ideas that we are sure you will enjoy.

  • The Islamic Art Online website seen on an ipad, The Islamic Art Online website on an ipad

    The Islamic Art Online website on an ipad


We have completely re-written our previous configuration module to be even more comprehensive and secure. Qi now allows you  not only to modify existing fields, but also to create entirely new nodes and types, including content, lists and relationships, whilst making sure you are not accidentally deleting important data.

Nodes. As Qi customers know, nodes are among the most important features of Qi: they allow a repository to be divided into multiple sections. Qi 5.2 allows you to create new nodes as well as edit existing ones.

  • Screen of the configuration section in Qi, The configuration section in Qi

    The configuration section in Qi

Types. Content types are at the core of Qi's flexibility to let you specify exactly how you want to manage information. Qi 5.2 enables complete control of new and existing types of content. You may add, remove and rename types as well as any of their fields and relationships.

  • List of configured fields and relationships in Qi, List of configured fields and relationships in Qi

    List of configured fields and relationships in Qi

Public and private fields. This is entirely new: for each type, you may now decide which fields and relationships are public and which are private. Private information will not be published on your website, or through the API.

Online and Offline fields. You do not need a field any longer or just temporarily? Just put it offline for as long as you need, so your editors won't see it, but you won't lose the information in it, for historical reasons.

  • Screen of configured fields in Qi, set as public or private, Configured fields in Qi, set as public or private

    Configured fields in Qi, set as public or private

Tabs. Tabs have been completely re-written and may now include relationships.

  • Screen of relationships drop down list in Qi, grouped by tab, Relationships drop down list in qi, grouped by tab

    Relationships drop down list in qi, grouped by tab

This gives you complete freedom over the design of your database to be exactly as you need it, independently from us (warning: use this absolute power sensibly)

User permissions

This is a very popular request and a highly anticipated one: you may now establish exactly who can see and modify not only entire types of content, but also each and every individual field and relationship, for any type of content, on each node.

Qi 5.2 extends team permissions to include who can see each field (read) and who can modify it (write). This allows you to create entirely customised interfaces for each working team, to show each user only the information he or she needs to see and work on.

  • Screen of team permissions in Qi, Team permissions in Qi

    Team permissions in Qi

Extra search options

While we are working on a completely revised search functionalities for Release 5.3, Qi 5.2 already allows you to specify if you only want to see draft or offline records, as well as if you are only interested in your own content.

  • Screen of the search module in Qi, The search module in Qi

    The search module in Qi

The next Release 5.3 will add Boolean Searches and the ability to search across every field independently, irrespective of configuration.

Archives and ISAD(g)

As our customers already know, Qi has been conceived with two very important ideas in mind: flexibility and integration. When prospective clients ask us if Qi is compatible with a particular standard, we find it difficult to reply - because Qi is compatible with every standard. I fact, a standard is in most cases a set of fields and relationships and Qi can support anything that a database can (which is absolutely everything).

Qi exists in bespoke configurations as well as in standard-compliant ones, including Dublin Core, DACS, LIDO and SPECTRUM for collections management. Even if you choose one standard and the main set, Qi can export data in other standards as well.

  • Logos of Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, DACS, Spectum Partner and Lido

On some instances, though, standard compliance is not just a case of having the correct configuration - it also involves user experience and interface design, which is another one of Keepthinking's skills. This is for instance the case with archives, which typically need to have hierarchical structures and the ability for archivists to catalogue each node of the hierarchy independently.

Qi 5.2 implements the ISAD(g) standard for Archives and makes working with hierarchies a joy.

  • Hierarchical records listed in Qi, Hierarchical records listed in Qi

    Hierarchical records listed in Qi

Other standards are of course available.

Pricing model

Starting with Qi 5.2 we have now revised and finalised the Qi pricing model to includes two options.

Self hosted. Perpetual, non exclusive license for Qi to be installed on your own server, where you are responsible for hosting, disk space and backup.

Software as a service (SaaS). All-inclusive formula, including Qi license, hosting, backup and maintenance on a quarterly or annual contract.

Prices are available in GBP, USD and EUR. Please get in touch for more information.

Other features

Smaller, but important new features involve the creating of an automated upgrade script that takes care of migrating from earlier releases of Qi to the most current version as well as the ability to undelete removed users and teams.

See Qi in action

We will be exhibiting at the AAM show (American Alliance of Museums) in Baltimore (MD) from the 19th to the 22nd May 2013. Join us at booth #1058 us for a demo, a chat or a glass of Prosecco!

  • Invitation to the Qi kiosk at AAM show (American Alliance of Museums) in Baltimore (MD)

Bug fixes

Qi 5.2 included us working on 168 issues. This is the list of the most significant bugs that have been fixed with the current release.

Bug #8900: Edit | Make unique fields required
Bug #8787: Edit | Truefalse label not appearing
Bug #8454: Edit | DB error when trying to duplicate Objects
Bug #8339: Edit | Form validation feedback displayed twice
Bug #8248: Edit | Extra field displayed in Chrome
Bug #5721: Edit | Search for numerals
Bug #8273: Media | Order of image folders list
Bug #8367: Media | Issue with changing folder
Bug #8247: Media | Image/Document list not working as expected
Bug #8112: Media | Chrome/Flash/Uplodify compatibility
Bug #8316: Review | Wrong content count
Bug #8313: Teams & Users | Offline toggle and created by
Bug #8310: Teams & Users | Toggle online does not work
Bug #8553: Teams & Users | DB error when trying to add again a deleted user
Bug #8986: Teams & Users | In teams should not be possible to delete teams that have users
Bug #8988: API | Missing relationships and media dependents

Coming soon

More exciting things are on the way! We are currently working on:

  • Integration with Zencoder to create multiple encoded versions of the same video
  • Media library to become a fully fledged, state of the art Digital Asset Management, completely integrated with the rest of the Qi
  • Record packages
  • Boolean searches
  • Multi-lingual content
  • MARC 21 compatible fields for library repositories
  • Configurable approval workflows (yes, you read this right)

... and much more

New customers on Qi

These are the new customers using Qi since October 2012

  • West Kowloon Cultural District Hong Kong
  • The British Council Venice Biennale
  • Islamic Art Online (content management and aggregation)

... and another few we are working on now.

Upgrading to Qi

If you are already running Qi, your version will be updated in the next few days. If you are running a previous version (4.0 or 4.5) please contact us regarding upgrading to Qi. If you are not yet using Qi, what are you waiting for?

Contacting us

Keepthinking has two offices:
London (main office) is as usual at 43 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1M 5RS - tel. +44 20 74905337
New York(US operations) is at 244 5th Avenue, New York NY 10001 - tel +1 212 372 7351

  • Map with Keepthinking offices location in UK and US

More information

Please visit http://www.keepthinking.it/qi for the full picture or get in touch to discuss your requirements and a demo.


A big thank you to all of our customers for having chosen the best content, collection and information management system on the planet!

The Keepthinking team.