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Choose a CMS Software Survey 2014-2015

The innovative and free-to-access online service which enables museum and arts professionals to compare the features of leading Collections Management Systems (CMS) has been updated and re-launched by the Collections Trust for 2014-2015.

  • , Edgard Degas, Two Ballet Girls, ca. 1879

    Edgard Degas, Two Ballet Girls, ca. 1879

The Choose a CMS Software Survey helps museums and galleries through the often daunting procurement process to find the right software for their needs. The comparison tool assesses the leading software systems from SPECTRUM Partners across more than 40 different criteria, saving museums and galleries time and money, and supporting those without extensive expertise in the area.

The service provides access to the latest information, with detailed specifications covering essential areas of cost, training, interoperability, format support, and client references.

The Collections Trust’s Partnerships Manager Laura Whitton says: “Choosing a collections management system is a hugely important task, and requires careful deliberation in so many areas. It is likely to be a long-term investment at the heart of an institution’s collections management strategy. The Choose a CMS Software Survey will help all those seeking to acquire or change their CMS, and those who just want to compare their current system against others using the most up-to-date information available.”

Access the Choose a CMS Software Survey